Betting on NBA matches

Betting on NBA matches gives to all those who love gambling and really want to make money from sports betting many interesting opportunities The reasons for this are these:

  • First of all, the season in NBA is very long. Each of the 30 teams plays 82 games in the regular season for a total of 1230 matches. Often, there are more than ten games a day and we are just talking about the regular season. After it come the playoffs, which give extra opportunities to bet on basketball matches.
  • The great number of matches played by every team in NBA gives us another advantage and that is the ability to easily monitor the series in the performance of the teams and to react promptly. For example, it is often to see a team to get in a series of eight or more consecutive matches played away from home. This helps us evaluate the current form of the team away from home in the first few meetings and make successful bets in the next few games.
  • Extremely rich and easily accessible statistics – NBA as one of the biggest sporting events in the world and this is why we have full access to great number of stats and other resources. There are hundreds of sites like, which offer full statistics on every aspect of the game and allow everyone who wants to study and analyze the upcoming matches. Anyone who is interested in sports betting know very well how important the statistics is and how it allows us to increase the success rate and ensure profit.
  • Better odds – As one of the most interesting sports leagues in the world, NBA is also loved by millions of sports betting fans. Of course this creates a competition between the bookmakers which leads to better odds for the players. The lower margin offered by the bookmakers means better profits for everyone who bet on basketball games. For example, Pinnacle often offers odds of 1.95 for both possible outcomes of the NBA matches while odds of 1.91 are quite regular in bet365.

So these three advantages which could be used in NBA matches by all who love sports betting are something that really needs to be assessed. Many matches, easily accessible statistics and better odds. There is hardly anything else we might need when we want to make profit from sports betting.