Betting bonuses on US sports

American sports like basketball, ice hockey, baseball and American football are extremely loved by the fans of sports betting worldwide. This is understandable, as they offer many different opportunities for betting profit, with one of them is the great betting bonuses the bookmakers offer only for American sports.

Bet365 for example, offers a special bonus for matches of the championships in the US and Canada. This special Parlay Bonus provides additional profits for all combinations. So if you bet on one of the NFL, NKAAF, CFL, NBA, NKAAB, MLB or NHL and make a successful bet, you will get more profit. The bonus depends on the size of your profit as follows:

Type Bet Bonus
Double – 5% bonus
Triple – 7.5% bonus
4x – 10% bonus
5x – 15% bonus
6x – 20% bonus
7x – 25% bonus
8x – 30% bonus
9x – 35% bonus
10x – 40% bonus
11x – 45% bonus
12x and more – 50% bonus

The maximum amount of this bonus is 100 000 Euro, which is more than well.

The use of bonuses in our strategies betting is mandatory if we want to win. It is not uncommon, some of the best players to create their overall strategies exclusively based on bonus opportunities offered by the bookmakers, thus increase their chances of success.

Here is an example of creating a simple strategy that includes the use of the bonuses for increasing profits.

Let’s say you manage to keep about 55% success rate when betting on the matches from the National Basketball Association. At odds of 1.9 for your bets after 100 bet you will have a profit of about 4.5 units from your original bank.

However, if you decide to combine your bets not in singles, but in two games in a single bet, the success rate will drop to about 30 percent. This in itself will bring you a profit of just over 8 units, while adding 5% bonus for each winning bet will bring you more than 13 units of profit. Much better than only 4.5, right?

If you can successfully apply the bonus offers, offered by the bookies, you would surely earn more. What could be better than that?